Note: unfixed memory leaks, im sorry for that

  • 24.05.13: Moved to github
  • 11.07.11: Added s4km build skript, using /sys instead of /proc for battery
  • 12.07.11: Added network and cmus status, fixed some Bugs
  • 30.06.11: $file Renamed
  • 30.06.11: Release


A system status tool for dwm and similar. Provides stats for: time, cpu (load, clock, acpi temp), ram, network (rx/tx, wifi), battery, cmus and notifications. The output is formated freely by means of simple C functions, but examples are available for: $file dwm, dwm with $file colorstatusbar patch, dwm-sprinkles and HTML.
I'm open for more ideas what (and how) to monitor or to output to or how to format. Even more so for patches.
The Project is based on this http\:// in the suckless dev list


Stat sources:
  • time, timestamp
  • cpu, user, nice, system, idle, combined or for every core
  • ram, total, free, buffers, cached
  • clock rate, cpufreq, for every core
  • temperature, acpi cpu temperature, for every core
  • network, devname, rx, tx, last rx, last tx, for every device
  • wifi, devname, status, signal strength, for every wifi device
  • battery, state, rate, remaining, capacity, name, for every battery and over all
  • brightness, acpi
  • volume alsa
  • mpd/cmus, status status, duration, position, repeat, shuffle, volume, artist, album, title, only once
  • notifications, dbus notify


Statinator used to fill the extended statusbar of dwm-sprinkles, normal and with notification.

Rather boring example with dwm with colorbar patch. I will provide better example configuration sometimes.

Bug Reports

You can send me a Email: 0mark ät unserver döt de

total: 23.76ms (include: 1, request: 0.41, trace: 0.19, init: 1.49, load: 0, parse: 19.12, menu: 0.39, template: 1.1, minify: 0.04)