A playlist handling wrapper thingy around things that can play things. It was planned as a music player, but since the actual playing is outsourced it can be used to handle everything that could fit in a list and should be played (in a broader sense) by something. Its rather buggy right now, im not done with it.


  • glibc
  • some media players you like
    • ogg123, mpg123 for example config
  • ogginfo, id3 for example listgen
  • dmenu for example madasul-dsel


This example config shapes madasul like a simple music player:

registerhandler mp2 mp3,2,mpg123 %s
registerhandler ogg,2,ogg123 %s

# load playlist
loadlib /home/USER/.config/madasul/list

Example Filelist:

ogg /home/USER/.../01 The Edge.ogg Týr Eric the Red The Edge Metal 2006 01
aac /home/USER/.../Don't Try This at Home/03 Skin.m4a Spock’s Beard Don't Try This at Home Skin Rock 2000 03
mp3 /home/USER/.../05 Rain.mp3 Van Canto A Storm to Come Rain Unknown 2009 05

The list is tab seperated, which is not visible here. The second line wont be played, there is no handler defined for 'aac'.

total: 15.44ms (include: 0.63, request: 0.25, trace: 0.12, init: 0.96, load: 0, parse: 11.85, menu: 0.49, template: 1.11, minify: 0.03)