Welcome to dwm-sprinkles

While i have made no updates since 2011, i use dwm-sprinkles every day on all my Linux boxes. I made some minor fixes, and possibly messed with the svn. So, at the moment i would say that dwm-sprinkles is not to be considered usable without quite some effort. I hope to upgrade to the latest trunk version of dwm and clean up the svn soon, but i might not find the time and motivation.


  • 17.02.15: Actually not dead. But no progress. Maybe next month.
  • 14.06.14: Not dead, told you so. Current Version has Status Bar Stuff, Systray, Scratchpanels, single tagset, per-layout-settings and some stuff more. Current work is on tab-like-bar. When that is done, only "smaller" things need to be done: transparency, client moving, alt-tab, more modes, attach before, after, aside, ...
  • 18.02.14: Still not dead. Current development goes on with $file Github
  • 27.05.13: Sprinkles is not dead yet, I'm working on a new Version with quite some new fun, but progress is very slow...
  • 14.07.11: Applied upstream patches up to 5.9 tip. Fixed some Bugs and added Multiple scratches.
  • 28.06.11: Applied latest patches from $file suckless to new sync branch
  • 05.31.11: Even more bug fixes, sync with upstream dwm
  • 01.14.11: Some more bug fixes and the kewl systray from $file kcirick
  • 11.10.10: Lots of bugfixes in experimental.
  • 09.25.10: Merged latest dwm upstream changes (except the weird parenthesis thingi)
  • 09.02.10: Xmonad like scratchpad, trayer patch from $file Arch Forum
  • 09.02.10: New status area in experimental branch more or less done
  • 08.11.10: Experimental branch launched. Supports graphs and images in status bar.
  • 08.03.10: New and better color definitions for the status bar!
  • 07.27.10: Auto recompile script dwm, some fixes
  • 07.16.10: New and better pertag, nmaster and uselessgap patches, based on simongmzlj work. Fixed a Bug in fibonacci layout. Sacked the whole syncing stuff because it failed me.
  • 07.06.10: New feature: added uselessgap patch
  • 07.03.10: New feature: Windows that requested a resize when hidden are resized when visible
  • 06.09.10: Synced with dwm upstream


Dwm-sprinkles is a $file dwm fork with sprinkles. Which are a lot of patches. The goal of this fork is to provide a heavy patched dwm, which is nonetheless easy to keep in sync (more or less) with the real dwm.
Every patch that only adds functionality without modifying existing functions is just included. Every other patches are combined in some big patch sets. First, all the included functionality, then one for the bar and one for pertag feature, and finally one for the transparency. The Patches could also be used independently.

Bug Reports

The trunk version is way too old, an the new one is not ready yet, and my Flyspray decided to stop working, there is no bug reporting facility available for now.

See also

A simple tool to gather system status information to fill the bar: statinator4k

get sprinkled!

Latest stable release: $file dwm-5.8.2.s.tar.gz (27891)

From SVN:
$ svn co https://svn.0mark.unserver.de/dwm/trunk/dwm-sprinkles/

Or browse $file SVN (obsolet).
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