The S100 is a early VoD Box, basically a cheap Celeron based Intel PC. The Box comes with Scart, 2 USB, RJ45, Wifi and a remote Control. The Wifi Card sits on a mini PCI Slot, a single SDR Slot is available. The Board has unpopulated Headers for VGA, IDE and PCI.

I intended to use it as a media center, but somehow I always failed to actually doing it. I wanted to practically make every modification I heard of. I insisted to add a PCI Slot, although my model did not have one. The Slot used in this machines had a uncommon pin grid, and I never managed to get that part. I absolutely wanted to make the AVR based extended controller thing, but I hadn't had a programmer. Actually, I succeeded to build an AVR programmer just for this project, but never got the actual Chip. But I started doing things with microcontrollers because of that.
And so on and so forth...

Then I wanted to use it as a home Server, but just as I started my raspberry (ordered half a year before) arrived, and I decided to make a Server out of it instead.

But I had used on the 31c3 and 32c3 as a Server and to display the cozy libcaca ascii fire. At least something.


  • Telekom S100, set-top-box style x86 PC
    • System
      • Intel Celeron 0.7 GHz
      • 128MB SDR (onboard)
      • 32MB flash (onboard)
        • I added a 100GB 2.5" IDE HDD
      • Intel 830M
        • acceleration $file, 3D $file
    • I/O
      • Wi-Fi $file
        • AP $file
      • Fast Ethernet $file
      • 2 USB 2.0 $file
      • 1xSCART $file, Composite/Audio $file, SPDIF $file
        • I added a VGA Port $file


total: 15.93ms (include: 0.44, request: 0.19, trace: 0.1, init: 0.66, load: 0, parse: 13.77, menu: 0.23, template: 0.52, minify: 0.02)