x86 server in a xbox case

Granted, using raspberry pi like single board computers as home server is kinda cool. And environmental friendly. On the other hand, those things are often a tad slow. Some of the new ones aren't, though. Mine was a cubieboard 1, which is pretty neat because it has fast I/O (SATA and Ethernet) and a gig of ram. It did its main duties quite well. It handled my VDSL2 line with ease, shoved files via NFS around at a speed i was OK with and even played SD Videos without any trouble.
More demanding tasks like web browsing, syncthing or even aptitude where quite painful, though. And worse, the machine started to have hiccups, mainly with lots of I/O via USB (second Ethernet and WiFi). After a while of heavy use USB devices started to lock.
  • Atom 330
  • 2*1024MB DDR2
  • Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD120
  • Toshiba DT01ABA300
  • Arduino Nano
    • Dallas DS18B20
    • 433MHz RF Transmitter / Receiver
    • 2 Relais (12V for TFT, )
  • Devuan Linux


  • PSU: no-name universal notebook power brick Conrad remnants
  • Case: Xbox 360 from my local hackerspace' swap box
    • Mainboard, Wifi: xxx given to me by a co-worker
    • 2nd Ethernet: xxx conrad remnant surprise bag
    • SSD: Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD120 leftover
    • HDD: Toshiba DT01ABA300 bought it in 2015 as an external USB drive
    • Arduino Nano ripoff
      • Relays:
      • 433MHz RF Transceiver:
      • Thermal sensor:
    • Keyboard: iPazzPort 14.99€, $file Amazon
    • Monitor: DIY from old notebook panel and LVDS->HDMI converter from Ebay


i learned that i could not cool this thing down without to much noise. The Project stopped and most of the hardware was reused in my new, boring $file server. Case and mainboard are in storage to become something else. Maybe a file server for things like lan parties or the next c3. Anything where some fan noise is no issue.
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