Server & server-like things

Some, like thehacked S100 or the (decommissioned) Cubieboard based ones, are interesting. But others are rather boring, build out of off-the-shelf x86 hardware.

TL-WR841N external Antenna

Very cheap and well supported by $file gloun, the custom firmware used by large parts of the $file Freifunk movement in germany. My Flat is about 100 meters away from a bus stop, too much for the two measly non-removable antennas of this device. But behold the power of my flea market bought directional outdoor antenna! It can bridge the distance just by the last bar. So i need an external antenna Jack. Just crack the case open (two screws and some plastic shackles), cut the wire from the right antenna (when locking on the top), break out the now unused antenna and solder the jack in. Be sure to use the right antenna, it seems the left one is used for transmission only.

The jack fits nicely in the hole from the antenna.

Lost Ones

  • My first non-x86 one, based on a Raspberry Pi B: $file raspy
  • Second, based on the first Cubieboard: $file cubie
  • Should replace the Cubie, but was a fail: $file xbox86

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