Thinkpad x201s

I only had this one for a short while. Although its a nice machine, I couldn't fathom its rather high power consumption. Around 2W more than than the x200s (most of the time even more). And the display was underwhelming. Good resolution, but terrible colours and contrast. I sold it off on the 33c3, a wee bit below the price I paid for it.
I always wanted one, and now I had one. I would take one, but not for the price that is usually paid for these.


  • Lenovo ThinkPad x201s
    • System
      • Intel Core i7-620LM, 2GHz 25W TDP
      • 2x4096MB PC3-8500
      • Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD120 128GB SSD (non-vendor part)
        • comes with various SSD or HDD
      • Intel HD Graphics
        • acceleration $file, 3D $file
    • I/O
      • 12" matte (1440x900) LED backlit display
        • brightness $file
        • nice resolution, but poor colours
      • Wi-Fi $file, Bluetooth $file, (killswitch $file)
      • Gigabit Ethernet $file, Modem $file
      • 3 USB 2.0 $file
      • Headphone $file, Mic $file, VGA $file, Express Card $file
      • Dock $file
        • hot pluggable (dock, button and bay events via udev)
        • drive bay, speaker, two video ports, network, usb
      • Card reader $file
      • Fingerprint reader $file
      • Camera $file
    • Power
      • cpufreq via intel_acpi
      • S2R $file, S2D $file
      • Various Batteries (4, 6, 8 and 9 cells) available
        • easily and cheap available on ebay
        • battery management works with tp_smapi
      • overall power consumption is around 8-9W
      • ACPI events $file, keys $file (via ibm_acpi module)
        • except for the mute button, I could not get it to work
      • Very silent, runs around 4h with the big battery (but mine was old, about 60% remaining capacity)
        • Fan speed can be controlled via /proc (needs ibm_acpi module)


Sold beacuse it was not as good as expected. Certainly not worth its hefty price tag.
total: 135.5ms (include: 0.73, request: 0.47, trace: 0.24, init: 1.07, load: 0.01, parse: 130.99, menu: 0.96, template: 0.99, minify: 0.04)