Samsung Q25

The Samsung Q25 was quite awesome in its time. Small, light, powerfull. And expensive. I got mine third hand when i was some years old. I used it some time, but the hinges where really crappy it prone to fail. New ones where hard to get and hillariously expensive, so i changed for a IBM X41 and sold it.


As of last use in 2009.
  • $file GPU with intel driver
    • $file 3D (ET runs ok-ish)
  • Power: 7W - 20W (common work ~8W => 6h with the 52wh)
    • $file S2D, S2R (> 2.6.34 completely stable)
    • $file cpufreq with acpi driver
  • $file ACPI with ibm_acpi module
    • Battery: 20wh, 50wh available (rather expensive on ebay)
    • $file Multimedia-Keys as keys
    • $file brightness keys only
  • $file Lan
  • $file Wlan upgrade to ipw2200 save 0.5-1W
    • $file Killswitch / /i/-key keymap
  • $file Modem (never tested that)
  • $file Sound (headphone sounds ok, internal speakers bad)
  • $file Cardbus
  • Dock: port replicator, dvd
    • $file hotplug
    • $file events (undock button)
    • $file ports (all)
    • $file dvd

fix me up!

Years later, i got it back, but in a pitiful state: both hinges are broken in different ways, some keys are defunct, the BIOS Battery is drained and the case has cracks and the color is peeling off.

The Hinges

One has a broken base

I tried to glue it, and then glue a small shim above. That did not work. Now i will try it with 2K and two shims (above and below). I will loose one of the three screw holes, but better than nothing.

The other has fallen apart

I tried to fix it with common superglue, but failed. I will try with 2K later.

The Keyboard

Some Keys did not work. I tried to wash it intensely with warm water and Alcohol. When i tried to dry that with a hot air gun (yeah...), i melted some of the Keys.

They seem to work anyway, but are deformed so some Keys cant be pressed anymore. I hope i can remove the caps, sand them down and have a working Keyboard.

BIOS Battery

Its a common coin cell. I just have to get a new one and somehow fix the connectors to it. Maybe just solder will work.

The Case

Superglue will help with the cracks. I guess either have to live with the flaky color or sand the whole thing and paint it myself.


Thrown away in the great freeing-of-space of 2017.
total: 430.98ms (include: 0.74, request: 16.42, trace: 33.54, init: 1.31, load: 0.01, parse: 377.06, menu: 0.9, template: 0.96, minify: 0.04)