Acer Aspire One D150

I got this one from a Friend who throw it out cause of the broken fan (it kinda works but the bearing is broken, so its very noisy). I found a new one cheap on eBay, but apparently "Aspire One" is a series name, not a product name. I missed the "D150" here, so it did not fit. I used this machine as a Server on the 33c3 instead of the Telekom S100 I used before. Worked great. I currently keep it around for such occasions.


I did not do much testing with Linux, but the basic stuff worked all right.
  • Asus R2H, 7.2" tablet style PC compatible
    • Intel i945 GME
      • Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz
      • 1x1024MB DDR2 PC5300 on board
        • one free Slot
      • WD1600BEVT, 160GB HDD
      • Intel GMA 950
        • acceleration $file, 3D $file
    • I/O
      • 10.1" glossy, 1024x600
        • brightness $file
      • Atheros AR5007EG (b/g), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
        • Wi-Fi $file, Bluetooth $file (killswitch $file)
      • Atheros AR8121/AR8113 fast Ethernet $file
      • 3 USB 2.0 $file
      • Headphone $file, Mic $file
      • VGA $file
      • card reader $file
    • Power
      • S2R $file, S2D $file
      • battery is changeable, lasts at least 2h (no tests done)


Sold in the great freeing-of-space of 2017.
total: 211.39ms (include: 0.72, request: 14.46, trace: 31.99, init: 1.23, load: 0.01, parse: 160.97, menu: 1.01, template: 0.97, minify: 0.03)