Rat Amp

A really simple desktop amplifier with decent sound quality made of salvaged parts and junk.

Most electronic components come from a broken set of "cheap" active Bose Speakers. Those where based upon a nice TDAsomething, which was in fine shape (only some of the surrounding Bose-audio-voodoo-shit was broken, as well as one of the drivers). The case is made out of the packaging of a android cell phone (those tend to be quite over the top). Only the pot and speaker plugs where actually bought for this project (i had none at hand).
The schematic is simply the example from the TDA's datasheet build on a piece of crappy perfboard. Its powered by a 12V 1A AC power brick (salvaged from a really ancient switch).

Simple, but sounds really good. Those TDA's are amazing!


Parts are in storage for later use.
total: 23.7ms (include: 0.99, request: 0.43, trace: 0.29, init: 1.46, load: 0, parse: 18.58, menu: 0.79, template: 1.12, minify: 0.03)