This is the FrankenBoom

A Boombox made of stuff i had around, and a piece of thin mdf.
  • Woofer, salvaged from a broken él cheapo 2.1 Computer Speaker. It laked its sattelites and sound horrendously bad (due to a backside made of thin plastic and the bad amp)
  • Amplifier, salvaged from a portable USB-powered integrated mini Speaker (the actual speakers where broken, but it had a nice 2.1 amp)
  • Small full range speaker, salvaged from very bad late 90ths style computer speaker
  • A power bank i had cracked open to rebuild into a torch
  • Some mdf, wood glue, hoy glue, super glue, wires and stuff

The new Amp, power bank and even the sattelites go into the Woofer case. Better for portability. That means i have to make small compartments for the speakers, to minimize interference with the woofer. A new backside is also mandatory.

Lets go!

I had ripped of the backside, amplifier and power supply from the woofer, marked out the position of the full range speakers and cut the holes.

the power banks battery was soldered directly to its pcb, so i added some wires and lots of shrink tube.

New Amp and Speakers

Amp and power bank PCB mounted to a small piece of plastic.

MDF cut out and glued together

The speaker compartments glued into the woofer

And the new backside. The small hole is for the electronics, the larger one for the bass reflex tube i salvaged from the original backside.


I did not use it often, and when the battery failed i dismantled it, kept the parts and throw the rest away.
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