I just bought one of these cute USB powered soldering irons (not much iron in them, oh the iron-y), but i had nothing sufficient to power it at my bench.
Since i have at all times a few USB powered devices clogging up my Hub just for power, i decided to build a desktop-usb-power-thing. But while i was gathering parts, things kinda got outa hand...

Well, at least it actually has USB ports for power. Three of them, two powered by recycled car power adaptors, one powered by a cheap eBay XL6009 module. It also hast an adjustable power supply, a battery charger and a 3v3 outlet. And i have some more ideas...

L200 / LM741 adjustable linear power supply

Its just the example shematic from the L200 datasheet. Its a nice linear power supply, although it cant go below 2.5V or thereabout. It can be tweaked, one just needs a stable -3V source. I dont have one.


Since the main PSU has only 12V i cant get more then about 11V from the L200. To compensate, i fixed a small boost converter before it, set to 16V. Yes. 240V->12V->16V->someV. Makes sense.
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