9th gen, grounding

Strange month laying behind me, changing many thing without changing anything at all and yet leaving everything different. Better? Maybe, partly at least. Problems solved? More developed a new level of denying. AI seems to be the next big thing, this time it might actually lead somewhere.


Coincidence. Sometimes it smiles on you. One day i found a Xbox 360's empty case in the my local hackerspace' hardware-swap-box. I took it, only having a vague idea what to do with it. A couple weeks later a co-worker gave me a old mini-itx atom board which he had no use for. And just about the same time my cubieboard-based server started to become unruly.
Awesome! Most of the hardware i need to build a new server, and a reason to do so! And the missing stuff trickled in too. I had a old SSD drive, and gutted my 3TB USB-storage for the drive. A 12V 5A power brick showed up from god-knows-where.
Sadly the thing had no GPIO i where aware of. So i use an Arduino nano to connect sensors, relays and such stuff.
  • DIY (XBox 360 case / ITX board)
    • Atom 330
    • 2*1024MB DDR2
    • Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD120
    • Toshiba DT01ABA300
    • Arduino Nano
      • Dallas DS18B20
      • 433MHz RF Transmitter / Receiver
      • 2 Relais (12V for TFT, )
  • Devuan Linux


I scored this one on "eBay Kleinanzeigen" (think of it as the German Craigslist) for a quite decent price. It was in good shape but had a Swedish keyboard layout and only the mediocre HD TN panel. Luckily, this model is not only offered with better screens, those are actually available and quite cheap (80 euros on eBay)! Naturally, i bought one. As well as a docking station, LTE module, travel PSU and some batteries. Took me a while, i waited for good offers. The only thing i did not get so far is a keyboard with UK Layout, so i stick to stickers until i find a decent offer.
Oh, and yes, now i have a f*ing chicklet keyboard. Its actually quite ok. I kinda like it, i have to admit. I liked the old ones better, but its ok. And another prejudice down.
In this days i sold off shitloads of unused shit (mostly to free up space and mind), and used some of the money i gained to buy an awesome monitor and a big SSD.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X250
    • i5-5200U
    • 1x8192MB DDR3L-1600
    • HD Graphics 5500
    • Samsung 850 Series MZ-75E500B
    • Ericsson N5321
    • ThinkPad Pro Dock
      • Dell UltraSharp U2711
      • Toshiba DTB320
      • ORICO VL812
        • Renkforce CS523
      • D-Link DUB-H7
        • Logitech RX 1000
        • Cherry G80-3000 MX blue
        • Hantek DSO2090
        • Optiarc AD-7580S
        • HP LaserJet 1020
      • $file ProxxAmp
        • Braun L530
  • Gentoo Linux, Microsoft Windows 10


This poor thing had a broken mainboard when i got it from a friend. It took me a while to find a replacement board on eBay, but now its really nice. It has rather poor gaming performance, but meh, i don't play much anyway nowadays. Otherwise its an really awesome machine. It even has a decent display. Display quality gets more and more important for me these days. Don't know why.
I carry on with the peripherals. The Headset was a really good buy. Not that its an awesome headset, but its a decent headset that survived years of abuse. And that simple board one of the most useful things i ever build. It just so comfy, sitting on the couch, the laptop on the lap with the cushioned board, mouse and pad and room for a cup.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad t520
    • i7-2620M
    • 2x4096MB DDR3-1333
    • HD Graphics 3000
    • NVIDIA NVS 4200M
    • Toshiba HG6 THNSFJ25
    • Samsung HM641JI
    • Logitech RX 1000
    • Creative Fatal1ty Headset
  • Microsoft Bloaty™ Gameloader 10, Solus Linux


Oh my insert celestial being of your least distrust! I should really do not like this device, for its something of an abomination unto Nuggan. It has its RAM *fucking soldered unto the board*, no docking port, no IPS Panel and only an internal battery. But its sooo adorable! One cant hate it even if it just has pissed on ones carpet (figuratively speaking, that is).
Anyway, with 8gb of ram it has enough. The panel is quite good for a TN, and HD+ on 14" is just enough. And the battery is at least neither glued nor soldered. Its like dancing with the devil, much fun but just a wee bit infamous.
  • Thinkpad X1 carbon 2012
    • i5-3317U
    • 8192MB DDR3 onboard
    • HD Graphics 4000
    • Intel SSDSCMMW180A3L
  • Manjaro Linux

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