8th gen, reorientation

Halfway through. No spacelift. But AI seems to getting actually somewhere. Megacons too. You can actually buy 3.5" Disks, casette tapes and even VHS tapes. The new black is IoT and VR (this time for realz i guess).


Made a shot on Ebay, was pretty cheap because it came with a small hdd and only 2gb of ram. That was easy enough to fix. And i finally got a second RX 1000, which seems to be the only non-ergonomic (thats a code word for "actually usable") laser mouse on the planet.
Like the M90 its a older mobile workstation. I really like the design, and its build quality is outstanding. I really like this machine, and i am a bit sad that there are no small notebooks this cool ;)
The lazyboard got more updates. It now has a small table as a stand (which toubles as a side table), and the cable management got cleaned up.
  • Dell Precision m4700
    • Intel Core i7-3720QM
    • 2x4096MB DDR3 + 2x2048MB DDR3
    • AMD FirePro M4000
    • Kingston SMS200S3/240G
    • Samsung HM641JI
    • HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GS30N
    • Logitech RX 1000
  • Microsoft Bloaty™ Gameloader 7


Awesome little thing, this thing. Though not as little as i like, its light enough. Actually, considering its 14" screen (FHD and IPS, mind you!) 1.6kg are not at all bad. And its build like a brick, even quite servicable. Classic keyboard, trackpoint, long battery life, quiet, docking port, it has it all.
Three years old and yet probably the single most expensive thing i ever bought. Actually, i bought it way over price, and in a rather bad condition. And thus i had to put even more money into it to get it in a decent shape. I could have waited for a better deal, but i was too impatient.
Bad, bad, bad.
Half a year later i realized that i avoided using it by any means. It annoyed me. A LOT. At first unconsciously, but it got worse when i realised it. It was a tad too big too. So i decided to sell it off as long as it was worth anything. Maybe half of what i had thrown into it.
Lesson learned!
  • Dell Latitude E7440
    • i7-4600U
    • 2x8192MB DDR3L-1600
    • HD Graphics 4400
    • Crucial CT250MX2
    • Dell E/Port-Replikator II
      • Fujitsu SCENICVIEW P20-2
      • Dell Precision M80
      • Toshiba DTB320
      • ORICO VL812
        • Renkforce CS523
      • D-Link DUB-H7
        • Logitech RX 1000
        • Cherry G80-3000 MX blue
        • Hantek DSO2090
        • $file Statusding
        • Optiarc AD-7580S
        • Epson Stylus DX6050
      • $file Rat amp
        • Braun L530
  • $file Arch Linux OpenRC


And here we go, from arm to x86 again. WIP
  • DIY (XBox 360 case / ITX board / psu)
    • Atom something
    • 2 Gig ram
    • Toshiba Disk
    • Samsung ssd
    • LG LE50 Display
    • Toshiba something / TDA whatever Speaker
    • Arduino nano clone
      • Dallas something
      • 433 whatever
      • relays
      • ws2812


I scored this one on "eBay Kleinanzeigen" (think of it as the German Craigslist) for a really decent price (considering the good configuration and overall condition). It had a Swedish (i guess) keyboard layout, which doesn't bother me. I want the (in germany quite rare) UK Layout, which means that i have to buy a new one anyway. It only had the HD TN panel, but meh, a FHD IPS panel is quite cheap and easy to find, an X250 with the same panel is quite hard to find and cost a lot more.
So yes, now i have a f*ing chicklet keyboard. Its actually quite ok. And now that i have one, i learned that, while i really like the classic keyboard style better, i can totally live with it. It _is_ a nice Keyboard with a (mostly) nice layout, good feedback, decent key travel and a nice backlight. Trackpoint and Buttons are awesome like ever. Only the missing real touchpad buttons are annoying. But not too bad, since i use the trackpoint most of the time anyway.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X250
    • i5-5200U
    • 1x8192MB DDR3L-1600
    • HD Graphics 5500
    • Toshiba HG6 THNSFJ25
    • ThinkPad Pro Dock
      • Dell UltraSharp U2711
      • Toshiba DTB320
      • ORICO VL812
        • Renkforce CS523
      • D-Link DUB-H7
        • Logitech RX 1000
        • Cherry G80-3000 MX blue
        • Hantek DSO2090
        • $file Statusding
        • Optiarc AD-7580S
        • HP LaserJet 1020
      • $file Rat amp
        • Braun L530

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