7th gen, coreium

The tenth are going on. No contact yet. Nobody is building a space lift. No seed, no neuro-shit, but we are getting Mega Cons. If we get the shit, why cant we have the good parts of Future? Radio recovers, bringing a very few things i actually like. Privacy is a thing from the past, only barely remembered. The whole maker movement is big now, at the edge on eating itself for the fun and joy of capitalism.


I got meself a shiny new toy! And shining it is indeed, for its display is a glaring one. Buying a shaving mirror. Me, of all people. Me, who has once has sworn to never buy any consumer grade notebook again! Oh it has corrupted me, tainted my mind with its evil powers.
Ah yes, i grew weak indeed! Derogatory! And yet i was not lost! I overcome its depraved, impure traits, ascended it to dignity! I summoned the power of cast resin and unreasonable tinkering! Oh yes! I did cast all the plugs together, bond them in resin for all eternity! One Plug to connect them all! Alas, even though my $file CB®tttw Dock made it better, it wasnt what i needed. It was wrong. All this power, all this speed, idling on my desk while inferior Hardware bowed under the wight of all those games.
Thus, i decided to swap. I then used it as my gaming and rumgammeling rig (where it replaced the aging qx412).
  • Dell XPS L502X
    • Core i7-2670QM
    • 2x4096 DDR3
    • Intel HD Graphics 3000, Geforce GT540M
      • Dell B+RG FHD, Acer V243W
    • Crucial CT128M4SSD2, Samsung HM641JI
  • Arch Linux, Microsoft Bloaty™ Gameloader 7

2014.12-2015.8 and 2016.10-2016.11

During the preparation of 31C3 i bought this nice chimera from another angel: a X200s with the LED backlit display of a x201. Nice, less than 8 Watts for lazy stuff, perfect to carry around. I discontinued it for a while when i used the 2730p and then again when i used the p771. I used again for a few months until i got the x201s.
  • IBM ThinkPad x200s
    • Core 2 Duo SL9400
    • 2x2048MB DDR3
    • Intel 4500MHD
    • Super Talent TeraDrive CT2
    • IBM Advanced Mini Dock
      • Toshiba DWC130
  • Arch Linux


I loved my Raspie, but it lacked a bit of the Ooompf. We have 50Mbit VDSL2, which is too much for a humble Raspy, it can only do around 20. i missed the other 30.
And after all, i do like handicraft. So i started a new $file one, based around the cubieboard 1. Yeah, i tend to be slow. When i started the cubieboard2 wasnt released, but when i finished the cubietruck was getting old already. Ach well :)
  • CheapAss Ltd plastic case
  • CheapAss Ltd 12V wallwart & CheapAss Ltd 12v to 5V step down converter
  • Cubieboard 1
    • AllWinnerTech A10, ARM Cortex-A8
    • 1024MB DDR3
    • Mali400 MP1
    • WDC WD5000BEVT
    • D-Link DUB-H4
      • Atheros AR9271
      • MosChip MCS7830
      • Toshiba Kingston DataTraveller
      • iPazzPort Apache TM
    • Watterott "Breadboard für Cubieboard" (cheap baseboard)
      • CheapAss Ltd 15" TFT
      • 433MHz RF Transmitter
      • Dallas DS18B20
      • Nokia 5110 Display
      • 2 Relais (TFT)
  • Cubian



I bought this one from the same guy i already bought the Toshi, the Samsung and the Sony. Oh, and the other Sony. I used it quite a while as my gaming rig. Until i replaced it with the xps.
Its hard to notice, but i improved the lazy board. It has now cable management and better upholstering.
  • Samsung QX412
    • Core i5-2520M
    • 2x2048MB DDR3
    • Nvidia Geforce GT 520M
    • Hitachi Travelstar Z5K320
    • Creative Fatal1ty Headset
  • Microsoft Bloaty™ Gameloader 7


I bought this from where the qx came from. Lacked a hdd (uncommon card-sized one). But a really awesome machine. I totally loved it. It replaced the x200.
  • EliteBook 2730p
    • Core 2 Duo SL9400
    • 2x2048MB DDR2
    • Intel 4500MHD


I got this from a friend. Nice little thing! It replaced the 2730p, and later the xps as a desktop. Finally unifiying mobile and desktop again.
Technically a really nice device. Except that the keyboad is subtly wrong, i guess the keys are a tad too small.
  • Fujitsu Lifebook p771 (QM67)
    • Intel Core i7-2617M
    • 2x4096MB PC3-10600
    • Intel HD Graphics 3000
      • Fujitsu SCENICVIEW P20-2
    • Intel Centrino 6205, Sierra Wireless Gobi 3000
    • Fujitsu S26391
      • Toshiba DWC130
      • D-Link DUB-H7
        • Logitech RX 1000
        • tmk_keyboard ps2_usb
          • Cherry G80-3000
        • Hantek DSO2090
        • HP LaserJet 1012


Getting a great notebook is kinda hard these days. Well, "great" by my definition at least: smaller than 14", non-chicklet keyboard with F-keys, trackpoint, decent resolution, non-glare, big batteries, low consumption, modestly rugged, docking station, good build quality.
The x220 is the last with the good keyboard, but has only 1366x768. The x240 is available with 1920x1080, but only with chicklets and without F-keys.
So i thought and bought a overpriced x201s. But meh. The Display might have a decent resolution, but otherwise its as bad as ever. The battery live is quite bad too, for i could not get it below 8W (well, most of the time 9W). In the end i sold it a short time later on the 33c3.
  • IBM ThinkPad x201s
    • Core i7-620LM
    • 2x4096MB DDR3
    • Intel HD Graphics
    • Samsung 840 Series MZ-7TD120
    • IBM Advanced Mini Dock
      • Fujitsu SCENICVIEW P20-2
      • $file DIY hybrid amp
        • Braun L530
      • D-Link DUB-H7
        • Toshiba DWC130
        • Logitech RX 1000
        • tmk_keyboard ps2_usb
          • Cherry G80-3000
        • Hantek DSO2090
        • $file Statusding
      • John USDoe-Hub
        • HP LaserJet 1012
        • Canon CanoScan LIDE 20
  • Gentoo Linux

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