A simple network manager Skript.

Note: And deundiscontinued because of netcfg and maybe connman
Note: Actually undiscontinued because of wtf
Note: Might be undiscontinued cause of arch forcing me to use fucking systemd.
Note: Might be discontinued cause of arch's netcfg being so cool.


  • $file wired connection
  • $file wireless connection
    • $file without key
    • $file with WEP
    • $file with arbitrary wpa_supplicant config
  • $file DHCP
  • $file ppp (with pon/poff)
    • $file usb-modeset
    • $file PIN
  • $file VPN (with existing openvpn config)
  • $file auth by SSH


  • perl
  • network tools (ifconfig, ...)
  • wireless tools (iwconfiog, ...)
  • wpa_supplicant
  • usb_modeswitch (only for some Cardbus UMTS Modems)
  • perl expect (only for ssh verification)

total: 131.56ms (include: 0.8, request: 0.32, trace: 0.14, init: 1.15, load: 0, parse: 127.78, menu: 0.35, template: 0.99, minify: 0.03)