The Linksys NSLU2 is a USB based NAS device released in 2004. It was rather cheap, equipped with well known parts and already running Linux. Soon it had a pretty active community with several alternative firmwares (up to a full blown Debian) and a some neat hardware modifications. I never had one when they where the Thing™, but i got one at the $file 31C3 for a bottle of Mate.
Though it might be a bit outdated by now, it can play all kinds of audio formats flawlessly. So i decided to use it as a mpd-based audio player. Just add a USB DAC and go!
But i got carried away. Again. See, some time ago i got that really nice amp from my father. Its the final stage from a dead Braun Audio 308.

Braun did some amazing Hifi stuff back in the 70s and 80s, and this one was especially nice. I love the sound of this amp. I used it some time in a crazy caseless installation together with a NAD pre-amp, a hacked $file VIP1710 and a minidisc player as a DAC.

Now was the time to consolidate. I do not need a pre-amp any more. I have only one input, and that input has its own volume control. I need a decent USB DAC, but for now i use a USB soundcard i lend from a friend. Just connect the amp to the player, and mix some relais, display and controls in. Lets go!


I had it caseless for some days. "Kabelsalat ist gesund", as we say.

Then i bought a broken tape deck. Early testing installation, with the first interface:

total: 65.86ms (include: 2.22, request: 22.01, trace: 0.63, init: 3.24, load: 0.01, parse: 32.92, menu: 2.21, template: 2.55, minify: 0.07)