Unholy Switch of MPDoom


I had this nice 19" 16 Port 100Mbit switch my employer had thrown away. Pretty large, but mostly filled with air. I decided to make it a smaller case. I used the same cheap two part case i used for the cubie. Cutting holes for the switch was easy with the cheap plastic. I had some plastic spacers left, so i glued them to the ground to mount the board. Because of me being a wuss i screwed the power supply scurely to the back. Then things got a little bit out of hand. I had a NSLU2 left (the same as i used in the rennschnecke). I though i throw it in too. Space was unused, cant have that! Again i used spacers to mount the board, but this time glued them to the top. It had to have its own power supply (the swicth uses 3.3V), which i glued to the floor

I added a 32 Gig Pendrive, the electronics from a malfunctioning USB headset and a littlewire. Since the NSLU2 has only two populated usb connecters i had to wire the USB audio module directly to the board (it had no plug anyway).

Creative wiring to connect the NSLU2's ethernet to the switch.


total: 54.74ms (include: 1.31, request: 0.63, trace: 0.29, init: 1.84, load: 0.01, parse: 48.04, menu: 1.02, template: 1.57, minify: 0.03)